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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 3

This week on the Jacked up Indie and Mojo Show we discuss the most perfect games of all time and EA's deal with Disney over Star Wars games.  

As always, the closing music is brought to you by The track is Into The Rebellion!! by BONKERS.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode we talk about boobs. How is that different from every other show? Well, we talk about the controversies surrounding the incident known as "Boobgate" coming out of Vanillaware the company behind Dragon's Crown and Odin's Sphere. We also talk about sexiness in video games and if there is something wrong with sexualization. we discuss some of the aspects of the God of War franchise, mainly, why people are ever willing to work with a man who has the ashes of his dead family permanently plastered to his skin and two giant blades chained to his arms. In addition to ALL of those topics, we also address why Nintendo will not be doing a press conference at E3 this year.

The music in this episode is brought to you by The track is Intruder Alert by Washudoll and is a mixture and reimagining of the Magna Centipede stage from Mega Man X 2. If you like this song, be sure to check out the rest of the website as it is chock full of talented musicians.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 1

To commemorate the first official show recorded and posted on our new hosting site, Libsyn, we at JIMS Inc. have decided to begin our second season! In typical Jacked up Indie and Mojo Show fashion, we discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from video game violence vs. real world violence and BioShock Infinite.

Music this episode is brought to you by and the track is Figureskates by Rozovian. All music on Over Clocked Remix are free and the site is worth a look or two... or three.

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The JIM Show Episode 63

Also known as "Episode Whatever," this episode sees the gang attempt a reboot of the series under the new JIM Show title. To those of you who have been wondering where we have been since these were recorded well over a month ago, we haven't been anywhere. We've been recording and getting used to our new home on Libsyn and Daniel (the previous editor of the shows, got a new job that took up too much time to get the episodes finished on time. So we transitioned to a new editor (Jack) and are now playing catch up.

ANYWAY - this week, we gush about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, talk about the violence in BioShock Infinite, and discuss always online consoles.

The music in this episode is brought to you courtesy of The track is Armored Beetle by Txai. All the music on OCRemix is created by incredibly talented video game music fans and is completely free, so give them a look!

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The JIM Show Episode 62 with Community Guest Hist

Another week another episode from our podcasting exodus! In this blast from the past, it was our pleasure to have Game Informer community member and blogging star Hist on the show to talk with us about all things gaming. We tackle Dead Space 3's microtransactions (remember THOSE???) and the Assassin's Creed 4 announcement. We discuss our general feelings for the Assassin's series. We also discuss some comments about PR women made by Cliff Bleszinski, the former lead designer at Epic Games. 

This week's music is brought to you by This awesome track Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury by Ergosonic was created as a reimagining of Mega Man X's Spark Mandrill theme. The fine folks over on Over Clocked Remix are incredibly talented and almost all the music they put out is absolutely free, i'd be well worth your time to check them out!

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The JIM Show Episode 61 with Community Guest Noobtubin8r

In this classic episode that we dusted off for your listening pleasure, Jack goes AWOL with a broken computer, leaving Daniel and Jeremy to fend off the hordes of Brian Seavey's. Daniel, Jeremy and Brian helm the show and discuss Aliens Colonial Marines and the new Lara Croft.

This week's tune is "A Reminiscence" by Ergosonic. Drawing from the closing melodies of Kirby Super Star, Ergosonic hits all the right notes and combines most, if not all, of the memorable themes present in that particular Kirby title. Most of the music on Over Clocked Remix is free, without any strings attached, so get crackin' and lovin' on that site!

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The JIM Show Episode 60 with Community Guest Born4this

Podcast? More like podPAST, amiright? In this episode recorded right after the PS4 reveal, the gang (and Dean) gathers together to talk all things PS4 related. Dean also talks about his new passion project custom painting his old Super Nintendo. The end result is an episode full of speculation, excitement, and predictions for the future of console gaming.

Music in this episode is brought to you by This week's track, "Spelunking in Space," comes from the musically skilled Hylian Lemon and is a brilliantly reworked version of the Cocoa Cave theme from Kirby Super Star. Seriously, the people and music over on Over Clocked Remix are amazing and free (the people are priceless and the music is free). Check them out!

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The JIM Show Episode 59 with Community Guest Ace13

In another trip to the backlog, we discovered this gem in which we invited Game Informer community ember Ace13 on to the show to discuss video games and video game related topics. As always, we cover a wide variety of topics, but focus mostly on our favorite female characters in video games.

The closing music this episode is courtesy of The talent over on Over Clocked Remix is literally bursting out of their ears (and fingers and whatever else goes into musical skills). This track is "Hoy, Small Fry!" by HyperDuck SoundWorks which combines the Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time themes.

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The JIM Show Episode 58

In this blast from the past (literally, this podcast was recorded last year), we discuss the Super Bowl, Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, JJ Abrams directing video game movies and Star Wars, a collection of Kickstarters, and have a lengthy discussion on the (at the time) unannounced next-generation of consoles.   

Closing music in this episode is brought to you by The track is titled Mr. Pink Poncho's Western Rock Band and was created by Dr. Manhattan. It reimagines the theme to Sunset Riders (Remember how cool that games was??). Over Clocked Remix is a fantastic website full of talented musicians dedicated to creating music based on the classic video game tunes that they love. Almost all of the music on OCRemix are completely free, so it is well worth your time to check them out!

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