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The title pretty much says it all. Jeremy, Daniel, and Jack have a civil, though highly conflicted, discussion of BioShock Infinite ranging from the amazing music to the sketchier elements of the plot.

The song that ends this particular episode comes from BioShock Infinite's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" as performed by A. Habershon and C. Gabriel. 

Thank you Irrational Games for one o fthe most enjoyable and thought provoking games in a while.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 12

In this week's episode the gang talks briefly about The Last of Us and Jack finds something to nitpick about Journey. GASP. Really, it is all just a big lead up to our massive belated discussion of BioShock Infinite in all of its spoiler-filled glory.

We also give a huge shout-out to Game informer Online members Saint, Dean aka Born4This, and Ali Rapp for acquiring jobs within the video game industry! Congratulations you magnificent sons (and daughter) of guns!

The exit tune of this episode was taken from A Simple Flip Can Change Fate (Coin Song) by Level 99. You can find more great (FREE) music over on:

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 11

GO SEE PACIFIC RIM. Also, in this episode, we talk about the desirability of DLC and how children have horrible tastes in video games.

The music which closes out this episode is A Fistfull of Nickles from the OCRemix Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin album. For more great music head over to:

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 10

We kick off episode 10 with a tribute to Ryan Davis of the Giantbomb podcast. The void he left in people's hearts, even those he never met in person, will never be filled. As a retraction, we at the JIM show would like to note that Nintendo changed its mind in the eleventh hour and allowed Super Smash Bros. Melee to be streamed at EVO. Our criticism of their ignorance regarding HD development still stands. 

Cameron Koch - Games To Play Before and After You See Pacific Rim
Satuday Morning Replay - Why Are We All Trying To "Out-Nerd" Each Other
DJH - The GIO Half-World Tour

The music which closes out this episode is "R U Overdrive" by AkumajoBelmont and Braincells. The music you can find on Over Clocked Remix is really phenomenal and pretty much all of the music on there is free to everyone.

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The JIM Show - The Last of Us Episode

We discuss all things related to naughty Dog's masterpiece, The Last of Us! And, of course, we fight about it in true Jacked-up Indie and Mojo fashion.

Opening and closing audio taken from A Simple Flip Can Change Fate (Coin Song) by Level 99 and can be found over on OverClocked Remix:

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 9

In a slightly more tangent-filled episode, Jeremy edifies the gang on bullet trajectories and regales us with his spoiler free experience playing Walking Dead DLC, Jack and Daniel discuss cosplay and crime at E3. We also give our interpretations of Don Mattrick's new position at Zynga after leaving Microsoft. We also talk about Hotline Miami, Mars Warlogs, and more!

Ashaman 3000 - Some Longshot RPGs I Would Like To See Announced
Zachary Pligge - Extra Life Update #1
Kyle Wadsworth - The Last of Us and Child Catalysts

The music that closes out this episode is "Birmingham Beatdown" from Super Dodge Ball by Hoha. You can find this and other tracks over on Based on the Vs. Team England theme, it has some really catchy melodies.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 8 Part 2 with Community Guest DJH

In part two, the gang and DJ hold an emergency meeting to discuss Microsoft's surprising reversal of its policies on DRM for the Xbox One.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 8 Parts 1 with Community Guest DJH

This week we talk about DJ's trip across America to meet people from the Game Informer community, question the fun-ness of The Last of Us, and get a bit goofy. Jack also talks about the surprisingly fun Western romp, Call of Juarez Gunslinger.

The track which closes out the main episode is Full Speed Ahead by zircon, from the new OCRemix album Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 7

In our E3 wrap-up episode, we talk about our favorite parts of the show, decry the Xbox One, and chat a bit about The Last of Us.

The music in this episode is 'Battle for the Badge' by Fishy on Fishy brings back all of our Poké-stalgia in this track based on the Gym battle music found in the Pokémon series.  

Sorry we are so late posting this. More episodes will be up tonight and tomorrow.

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The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 6 - E3 Predictions!

This week on the Jacked up Indie and Mojo Show, we discuss the negative backlash against the Xbone, the future of Naughty Dog, Journey, and make our mandatory predictions for E3 (which is less than a week away, people!). Needless to say, we are excited!

The music that concludes this week’s episode is, as always, brought to you by 'Whiterun' by mellogear is a chilled out rework of the Whiterun theme from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is one of the more different tracks floating around on Over Clocked Remix and is really just awesome to listen to while relaxing.

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